5 Shoes You must have

1. The White Sneaker


The white sneaker is THE  SHOE you need right now you can style it with Black or blue denim it definitely looks great on it.plus wearing a white T-shirt will look great

2. Fashion sneaker 


you can wear this shoes in all casual outfit it add you can use fashion sneaker for your every day outfit

3. loafer


loafer have created a new trend you can wear then even on suits it looks very classic



Boots looks great on jeans and whenever you where boots it makes you feel more masculine you can style it with a jacket on top it really looks great

5.The brogues 


Last but not the least are brogues ,wearing brogues on formal pants looks great. brouges are in market since the 90s there are several ways to style a brogues you can also style it witth suit or denim


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  1. Great list, quality content!

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      1. No problem! Please feel free to check out my latest article, and my blog where I post every other day about men’s style and lifestyle, and check me on Instagram @tygxo99 where I post daily.


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