7 Items that you need in your closet

 1. A Plain white & Black T shirt


A plain white or back t shirt is the most basic clothing item that every should have they are excellent for you day to day outfit and they always look good on every guy


2. A Pair of black denim


Black denim is the jeans that every guy should own because you can literally wear any thing on black it always looks dope

3. White sneaker


white sneaker are THE SHOES you need right now to add in your wardrobe if you don’t have it.I will hight recommend you to invest in a  white sneaker. I have written a blog on 5 shoes you must have  you can check that blog 🙂

4. A white dress shirt 


Your closet is incomplete if you don’t have a white dress shirt  definitely try to invest in a white dress shirt

5. A Leather jacket 


a leather jacket is the most versatile pice if clothing that every guy should own it add more  masculine feel to your personality

6. A well-tailored suit


best thing to have in closet is a well-tailored suite

7. A Cologne


keep a cologne in your closet that smell like it came from heaven 🙂

please check my previous blogs on 5 Tips To Be More Stylish and feel free to comment below if you think i should add some more items 🙂



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