3 Date outfit that works every Time

1. White T-Shirt + Boomber jacket + white sneaker and a  denim


you can also wear a chinos if you want and it can be brown,black or blue which ever you like this outfit works every time

2. A Classic white shirt + distressed Denim + white sneaker 


This outfit is my personal favourite it’s timeless classic and make most of the women fall for you because this outfit will go on every guy.you can also check my blog on 3 best ways to style white sneaker  and my previous blog on 3 Jacket that every guys needs in his wardrobe.  

3.Shirt + sweater + Boots


you can never go wrong with this outfit it really looks classic on every guy , which girl will not like a guy who wears a classic sweater and boots ? this can be the best outfit for you specially in this fall because it’s winter time 🙂

please like and comment guys if you like my blog please and comment below if you want to me do a blog on fashion tips that you need I will be very happy 🙂


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