5 Fashion rules that you  shouldn’t break!

1. Don’t match the colour of  your pocket square with your tie

This is the mistake that we make , guys never ever wear a pocket square that has the same colour of your tie 

2. Always try to match the colour of your shoes with your belt

Matching your shoe colour with your belt make it a looks a whole lot better it looks more appealing so always try to match the colour of your belts with your shoes 

3. Never wear sports shoes under jeans,trousers or chinos.


Guys it looks horrible when your style your jeans with sports shoes. Don’t ever do that it seriously looks bad 🚫

4. Wearing cloths that don’t fit you.

Always wear clothing that fits your body this is the most important rule guys. Wearing clothing that fits you properly makes it looks so dope

5. Wearing too much accessories. 

Guys it’s good to wear accessories but it looks bad when you too much accessories,keeping it minimalistic will really improve your style game 


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