Only 4 Tips Keep in mind for the best fitting T-Shirt


The neck opening area is the most crucial area of the t-shirt always make sure that it is relatively close to your neck,if you are wearing a V-Neck please avoid a deep V-Neck it looks so bad ,always make sure that V-Neck is not deeper than your armpit line



2.Shoulder and biceps// Sleeves

the shoulder line should be right at that point where the you shoulder ends,the sleeves should end right at the middle of out biceps,anything longer than that or shorter than that looks bad and avoid it too tight or too loose,ou should be able to at lest your one finger in you sleeves



the most interesting part the t-shirt,yu should be able to pinch 1.5 or2.00 inches on either side of your stomach ,truth me guys just try this hack you will love that


the length of the t-shirt is the area where most the men make mistake,always make sure that  your t-shirt should end right at middle or upper crotch


Now you know guys how a t-shirt should fit you,please like and comment if you like this blog there are more fitting guide coming soon so please follow me

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