5 Best Hairstyles For Men 2017

1. The Cool Quiff



this is a classic hairstyle you can never go wrong with type of hairstyle, it’s a little shorter from the sides and longer from the top you need to have volume in your hair for this hairstyle

2.side fade


this hair is side fade because the sides are very close the skin fade but in two layer the second layer which is little above from your side fade will be about 3-4mm size and your top hair will about 2-3 inches,doesn’t matter what hair type you hae you can never go wrong with hair style

3. low sides and high top


in this hair style your sides and shorter and your top hair are very longer,this is again a very good hairstyle but this hairstyle is not suitable for all hairtype you need to have straight hair for this hairstyle plus you need a whole lot of volume

4.slicked back


this is a classic hairstyle for men and looks good a classy on every one ,for this hairstyle your texture of your hair really matters you have to use a wax for any other hair styling material to nail your hairstyle

5. Low fade quiff


sides part are very close to skin fade and the top hair is long with some volume

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  1. anjage says:

    Love all of them, but for me the shorter, the better 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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